Our Process

Step One: Connection

We will meet to discuss your wish list, your vision for your home and lifestyle, how much space you would like to have and your unique needs and desires. Based on your wish list, we will help you come up with a list of needs versus wants and help you establish an estimated budget for your build project. This is also where you will learn about our processes and our concierge level of service to our clients, and we will review the build contract together.

Step Two: Financials

Once you have some parameters for your build, it’s time to meet with one of our preferred lenders. A construction loan is not like a regular mortgage loan, and not all lenders do them or do them well. Therefore, a condition of working with us is choosing one of our preferred lenders so that we can all know your build project will move forward on budget and on time with a highly qualified construction lender. Our lenders are experts with construction loans and will walk you through the process and answer your questions. They will get you preapproved with your estimated budget, and outline any special requirements for your construction loan.

Step Three: Master Plan

With your wish list and financing in place, it’s time to take all of your ideas and create the layout of your home. You will narrow down potential floor plans to your final choice, and add or remove anything that doesn't meet your needs. Once the changes have been identified, you will sign off on your final plan, and we will send the plan to the architect to draft your blueprints.

Step Four: Design selections

Once the practical choices of floorplan, space and function have been made, then it’s time for the really fun part - making your design choices. We will help you make color, finish and product selections that will fit your budget and finish out your home with both a timeless appeal and all the personal touches you’ve been dreaming of.

After a consultation with our designer, you and the designer will visit showrooms to make selections for everything from cabinets to carpet, light fixtures, paint colors, plumbing fixtures, hardware and more. While this process can feel overwhelming, we will help you think through some big questions at the beginning to make the selection process easier.

Because supply shortages can add extensive amounts of wait times to product orders, it’s important to be decisive about your choices and start selections with a pretty good idea of what you want.

Step Five: Finalize your choices

Once you’ve made all your architectural and design choices, you’ll make a final sign-off on all your selections so the build process can begin. We will sit down and go over all options you’ve chosen, and review the estimated budget of all your selections. Once you’ve approved your choices, you’ll do your final sign-off and construction can begin.

Step Six: Construction and delivery

Sit back and relax as we turn all your ideas and designs into your dream home. During construction, we will have several scheduled walks with you so you can see how the home is progressing and ensure you are getting exactly what you want. Once the construction period is nearing completion, we will set a closing date with our lender, and celebrate that special day that your wish list and dreams culminate in us handing you the keys to your new Stone Cottage Home.